Finest Taurus PT111 G2 Laser Accessories

4 min readApr 20, 2021

Taurus makes quite a few handguns that are really perfect for self-defense and also tactical use. Their portable pistols are extremely trusted, and a great deal of gunowners look to the brand name for hidden carry. We made this evaluation of the best Taurus PT111 G2 Laser accessories as well as upgrades, and also we’ll let you recognize what our favorite option went to completion of the post.

Purchasing this model has actually confirmed to be a little challenging, which becomes part of why we made this review for you. Especially when it concerns aftermarket parts, not too much has been made that will fit the G2. Before you buy anything, constantly do your study and see to it you’re not buying an accessory for an older Taurus Centuries version. The PT111 G2 is likewise currently a great small weapon, as well as there isn’t much you require to improve upon. The devices listed here were selected for enhancing accuracy for different circumstances, so your choice will be most impacted by what your needs are.

1 Traction grips Overlay Grip Tape
One of the most affordable Taurus PT111 G2 upgrades you can purchase is a grasp decal from Taurus Lasers. The overlay comes as a set of three pieces, in all black, and they stick with a sticky around the original hold of your gun. The grip is semi-permanent, meaning it’s feasible to remove it if essential, however it’s a little challenging. There is a difficult, raised bump structure throughout the whole overlay, allowing the shooter to have a firm hang on their tool the 2nd they touch it. The overlay hardly includes any kind of boost in dimension of palm swell, so it feels almost as if absolutely nothing was added whatsoever.

2 Laser for Taurus PT111 PT140 Turn Of The Century G2 G3

This is one of two options from Laser included within this testimonial. This small laser attaches to your Taurus PT111 G2’s Picatinny device rail. It produces a 635nm red laser, which can be seen during both day and night, however of course it shows up the very best throughout reduced light situations. To activate the laser, just grasp your gun’s trigger guard as normal. The human touch activation pad senses your touch as well as will automatically turn on. There is a master eliminate switch provided. You can change the laser’s beam, and the battery compartment is very easy to accessibility.

3 Green Laser sight

Lastly, we have the second alternative from Laser, which has a few various functions from the previous selection. This laser is custom made to fit over your Taurus PT111 G2’s trigger guard. The 520nm green laser is crisp and also intense, and it is ideal visible throughout daytime use. Nonetheless, it is somewhat visible during the night as well. The activation coincides: just grasp the trigger guard generally, and your touch will automatically turn the laser on. Stand up to over two hours of constant use, and also aim your laser at targets as much as fifty feet away.

Our Fave Taurus PT111 G2 Accessory
Our preferred Taurus pt111 g2 device ended up being the Laser Red Laser View. It’s really convenient that Taurus gives an accessory rail on their subcompact weapon, so why not utilize it? We enjoy that the red laser option doesn’t cover the trigger guard, as well as it does not extend pass the barrel. In this manner, there are lots of holsters that will certainly still be fit your portable hand gun. We likewise figured that numerous purchase the Taurus PT111 G2 Laser for self protective purposes, so selecting a red laser to use at night looked like one of the most logical option. Laser is a well known brand name that supplies one of the most trustworthy laser beams on the marketplace. You can expect an accurate laser each time you transform it on which’s another huge plus for self-defense. Yes, your Taurus can’t get much better than it already is, yet this is an excellent accessory to consider!

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